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What We Do

Product development: Starting with our robust category management team, we continually identify new products, and variants on existing products, that provide significant opportunities for incremental revenue growth for our e-Commerce retail partners. Once identified, products are rapidly moved through our review, approval and creative process to ensure speed to market. We maintain our own in-house photo studio and copyright team to accelerate the delivery of sales-generating content to our e-Commerce retail partnersí sites.

Our focus is on quality products at an attractive price point, and we seek to add products that will have a lifespan of several years. All of our products are sold under our own unique brand names, and we have spent years cultivating these brands in our retail channels. Continuous improvement is also a theme for our existing products, as we continuously monitor customer feedback, price points, and features to ensure we are providing products that will continue to sell, and sell well.

Instant Drop Shipping
We have built an industry-leading infrastructure to support our customersí sales efforts. Our advantage begins with the sourcing and stocking of thousands of different consumer products in our over 500,000 square foot warehouse in Lorain, Ohio, ready for immediate shipment upon receipt of orders. Our meticulously built and maintained IT systems will then mesh seamlessly with those of our e-Commerce retail partners, sharing order and invoicing details electronically through EDI. Upon receipt of orders, they are immediately sent to our warehouse, where they are rapidly picked and packed, with a focus on end customer presentation, and accuracy of product to be delivered. Finally, through our proprietary freight management software, the most cost-efficient, or customer-directed, method of shipment is chosen and the product is loaded on the trucks, ready for delivery directly to the end customer. The products then arrive at the end customer with the packaging, labels and packing slips directed by our customer partner, visually representing that the product actually came from the customer partner. While there are many drop shippers in existence today who handle a limited number of products or shipments, Trademark is truly set apart by our ability to process tens of thousands of orders per day, on thousands of different products spread across numerous categories, using the process described above.


Our Customers

We are thrilled and honored that most of the largest names in e-Commerce have trusted us as their partner, where we provide product and brand development, manufacturing and instant drop shipping to support their sales efforts. Our ability to provide these customers with an endless aisle in so many product categories has earned the relationships we have today. Following are a sample of those customers with whom we do business every day.